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Brunch Menu

Weekends @ Cafe Adelaide

Brunch with Hat-itude
Hats on you, drinks on us

Adorn yourself in your favorite lid, and receive complimentary "Hat-tinis"
Classic Derby * Green Fedora * Red Beret * Blue Bonnet
Limit three per guest (baseball caps don't count!)

Eye Openers

Brandy Milk Punch
A classic concoction brandy, vanilla, milk, and nutmeg 9.5

Cafe Adelaide Bloody Mary
Our secret recipe garnished with okra, green beans, and olives...a meal in itself! 10.

Lucy Broussard
Pama pomegranate liqueur, St. Germain, lemon bitters, and sparkling wine 12. 


Shrimp and Tasso Corndogs
Wild white shrimp dipped in tasso corndog batter with 5-pepper jelly, pickled okra, and Crystal hot sauce butter 8.5 (Add additional corndogs for 4. each)

Beach Bum Pickled Shrimp and Louisiana Blue Crab gf
Grilled pineapple, crab boiled shrimp and Cachaca drunk crabmeat with citrus, sweet peppers, cilantro, Caribbean spice and crispy plantains 13. 

Rougaroux Eggs gf
Hen's eggs stuffed with whipped smoky cochon de lait, Crystal pulp, Andouille and cracklin' dust 8. 

BBQ'd Gulf Oyster Shortcake
Crispy Gulf oysters doused in New Orleans' style barbeque sauce pilled over a warm rosemary biscuit smeared pimento spread and a burnt lemon 11.

Soups and Salads

Wild White Shrimp, Creole Tomatoes and Okra Gumbo
A New Orleans Gumbo made from a dark cast iron skillet roux, creole trinity and Louisiana hot sauce 8.5

Commander's Turtle Soup
A New Orleans classic made with rich veal stock and spiked with sherry 8.5

Soup du Jour gf (EatFit)
Chef's seasonally inspired creation 8.

Downtown Chopped Salad gf
Romaine, olives, tomatoes, crispy chickpeas, pressed eggs & Parmesan with white anchovy-buttermilk dressing 8.

All About Creole Tomatoes
Creole and heirloom tomatoes marinated in local sugarcane vinegar with sticky Creole tomato jam, lemon goat cheese "croutons", spicy arugula, ripped basil, and Alderwood smoked salt  8.5


Creamy Stone Ground Grits 5.

Scrambled Eggs 5.

Applewood Smoked Bacon 6.

Buttermilk Biscuits 5.

Chef Meg's Two Course Special

Price of Entree includes your choice of Appetizer

Appetizers-Please Select One
Wild White Shrimp, Creole Tomatoes and Okra Gumbo
Commander's Turtle Soup
Soup du Jour
Downtown Chopped Salad gf
All About Creole Tomatoes Salad

Entrees-Please Select One
Royal St. Brunch
Two soft poached eggs over grilled crab boiled Gulf shrimp, crispy fried green tomatoes, tender greens, Cajun mayonnaise and Hollandaise 24. 

The Boucherie Biscuit
Braised pork shoulder over a buttermilk biscuit with poached eggs, Andouille country gravy and Creole mustard slaw 22.


The Boucherie Biscuit
Braised pork shoulder over a buttermilk biscuit with poached eggs, Andouille country gravy and Creole mustard slaw 22.

She-Crab Grilled Cheese
Louisiana blue crab bound with melted cheeses, crab fat, roe and aioli on buttery brioche topped with a sunny side up hen's egg and a tender green salad 24. 

Adelaide BBQ Cheeseburger
Buttermilk fired onions, bacon & Manchego cheese on a toasted brioche bun ~served with lemon-herb Parmesan fries 15.

Garlic & Red Chili Crusted Cocodrie Shrimp
Wild White shrimp flambeed in local sugarcane rum with "back bone" vegetables, Jazzman rice and a vibrant sweet-spicy coconut curry shimp head broth 20.

Banana Foster's Stuffed Pain Perdu
Roasted banana-mascarpone stuffed French bread with rum spiked cane syrup, bananas and white chocolate & pecan granola 15.

A Taste of Breakfast
Scrambled eggs, Applewood smoked bacon, stone-ground grits and a buttermilk biscuit 14.


White Chocolate Biscuit Pudding
Abita root beer syrup, toasted New Roads pecans & white chocolate ice cream 7.
(Please allow 20 minutes to prepare) 

Frosting "Stuffed" Carrot Cake
Stuffed with whipped cream cheese and New Roads pecans over carrots coulis and topped with white chocolate ganache 8.

Madagascar Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee gf 7.

German Chocolate Cajun Brownie
Coconut ganache, coconut sorbet & pecans 9.

Creole Cream Cheese Cheesecake
Spiced steen's sugarcane syrup and blackberries 8.

Quintin's Seasonal Sorbets & Ice Creams gf 7.

This menu is a sample only. We like to shake things up a lot, so our menus are subject to frequent change! Menu updated July 11, 2017.